As I sit and reflect on what this year has taught me and I what I hope to achieve next year, I am overwhelmed by how much I have learned about the people around me. This is for you, you lovely lot:

To all my WONDERFUL CLIENTS who continue to trust me with your hard-earned cash as well as your dreams and confidence and with representing your brands, THANK YOU. I am humbled by how brave, determined and authentic you all are. I see amazing things for all of you in 2019. Keep going.

To all of MY GORGEOUS FRIENDS & FAMILY who relentlessly like, share, engage and encourage everything I do, THANK YOU. You have no idea how important every single engagement is to a small business and I can never thank you all enough for what you continue to do for me. I aim to repay you all one day.

To all of my LOVELY COLLABORATORS & GIRL TRIBE GANG CREW who are hustling every day to change the world, THANK YOU. You have all been so supportive and inspiring for me this year and I love watching how your values and your passion drives everything you do. You are amazing.

To all of my FOLLOWERS who engage with everything I am putting out there and share your knowledge and encouragement day in day out, THANK YOU. Keep doing you.

To my INCREDIBLE HUSBAND who has ridden the self-employed white-knuckle roller coaster with me all year and has never doubted me, THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be here without you, on so many levels. You are my rock.

I am so excited to be going in to the new year with such a fantastically nourishing tribe around me and can’t wait to see you all thrive in 2019.


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