The forgotten elements of well-being strategies

I am sure many of you lovely leaders are including 'well-being' in your strategy this year. Here’s something to consider to ensure 2019 helps you attract, retain and nurture the best people.

Remember that our responsibility and indeed biggest area of influence as leaders is the working environment, so don't forget to include this as part of the strategy.

I am not talking fruit bowls, I mean:

  • Efficient processes

  • Adequately staffing numbers to get the work down without overburdening team members

  • Training staff with the skills they need to do their jobs

  • Ensuring your managers are equipped with the necessary skills to manage and lead well

  • Hiring the right people to do the job

  • Ditching pointless, ineffective meetings

  • Addressing ongoing conflicts in the team

  • Tackling toxic gossip and whispers with transparent communications

  • Developing and investing in the future careers of your people

  • Setting a clear purpose and direction for people to get excited about and bought in to

  • Providing support when needed in a way that suits each individual

Which of these have you included in your strategy this year? Which might you add to your list of considerations this January?

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