Suffering from one voice syndrome?

One of the big issues you see in all teams but is prevalent in tech teams because of the systemic communication issues we see within them, is the rock star voice being the only one that is heard.  Either through technological skill or legacy knowledge, or just having more confidence to speak out than others, meetings and collaborations can often be taken over by the one or two usual suspects.  The impact of this can be stifling.  I t can hold back product road maps, incorrectly define a product down a path that is not robustly fit for purpose and maintain a ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ status quo that puts off new life blood coming in to the team.

Where these voices are prevalent, other team members tend to shy away and say nothing.  You lose the richness of the diverse skill sets and experiences in your team, which less face it is why you hired them, and the team members can harbour deep resentments for perceived favouritism.

Simple practical coaching techniques such as changing meetings to a format where everyone has to speak with rules such as no interrupting and always finishing on a positive can have a transformational effect on the day to day running of the team.  Not to mention the slower burn but eminently more valuable longer-term effects of more robust and market ready products and services that harness the full stack of skills and experiences in the team.

For more information on how a tailored programme from my team coaching partnership Dynamic Connections Coaching could help you and your team capitalise on all of the valuable skills within your team, please get in touch.

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