Want to short circuit team teething issues?

Start-up tech businesses are fast paced environments to work in.  Often at the forefront of new technologies and in a race to get a product to market, never was there an environment more in desperate need to short-circuit the traditional Tuckman team development model.  When seeking quick returns for your early adopted investors or indeed trying to look attractive to a larger business you hope to be acquired by, being a team that’s in the storming phase or barely able to function is not an option.  Roles and responsibilities of the small team need to be crystal clear and boundaried.  Agile and flexible processes need to be in place and constantly adapted to meet the pace demands.  The common vision must be clear and everyone bought in to it heart and soul to help them dig deep and drive the business forward.  The leader must know their place and give them team what they need, adapting constantly to how this changes and develops. 

Without a leadership coach it is significantly more difficult to be both the visionary entrepreneur and the attentive and well-balanced leader.  A tech entrepreneur is just that, usually not from a team development background and definitely very focussed on product and market rather than internally and people focussed.  Using the support of team coaches facilitates the rocket boost needed in the team’s ability to work together most effectively and gives the leader the deep understanding and insight required to be who they need to be for the team.

Helping the team be aware of how the team is functioning, their contribution to it and creating communication hacks are just some of the ways this is done.  Proactively facilitating and challenging in meetings, holding the mirror up with what is being unsaid helps eradicate pointless and repetitive meetings where nothing is agreed and no one takes ownership.  Parallel 121 programmes enable key stakeholders to reflect on and cement their own learnings from group workshops and create behavioural change much sooner than would come organically.  Using the power of group think to develop a robust set of business values and team culture further cements the buy in and emotional investment needed by all staff to keep the business moving forward.

For more information on how a tailored programme from my team coaching partnership Dynamic Connections Coaching could help you and your team short circuit the team development time lag and rocket boost you to success, please get in touch.

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