1-2-1s are BETWEEN US

Everything we discuss will be kept completely confidential, short of anything I feel may be harmful to either yourself or others.  I’ll take minimal notes to remind me of areas to discuss together in future sessions only and these will be written in note form and in an anonymous way.  You are very welcome to see these at any time, however I would encourage you to take your own notes and actions away.

I may bring the topics we discuss up in my own professional supervision which will be under the same commitment of confidentiality as exists between us.

your business is your business

My background in IT, compliance and GDPR culture and process adoption mean I know how to treat your sensitive and personal company information.

I have the highest standards of confirdentiality process and respect the value of your IP and 'team secrets'.

Everything we glean and understand from our interactions with your teams and staff will never be used incorrectly or leaked and we contract for this to suit your own internal compliance procedures


I have high standards of data management, ensuring that I only take the details I need from you and I will store the details securely.  I won't share your information with anyone and will safely dispose of any data I hold when required.

Having implemented and consulted for many on GDPR process and cultrure adoption, my data management processes are of the highest quality and conformance that they can be.