how team & leadership development and coaching works

All our team interventions are tailored to the specific requirements of each team and company we work with. 

We kick off by understanding your and all of your stakeholders' objectives.  Getting to understand your existing leadership development programmes and culture is part of this so that we can weave this in to our solutions.

Our research phase helps us gain an understanding of your business, the current status of the team, your leaders and product, current dynamics of the team and create benchmarks against which to track ROI.

We then propose a tailored programme to best work towards your objectives within your budget and how much time you are willing to invest.

how do team and leadership development and coaching programmes work at bright yellow coaching

My partners and I provide a blend of interventions such as:



Facilitation of meetings, conferences, kick-offs and training sessions can create powerful change and transformation in team dynamics and output.  We have a series of directive and non-directive techniques that we use to shift behaviours and patterns that have got the leadership team/teams stuck and are holding them and your business back

We make your meetings work harder and give you techniques and processes that you can use after our work.

We use powerful team coaching techniques to observe, analyse and repackage back to your stakeholders, leadership team and team members to help them make conscious decisions and meaningful changes to their approach and behaviours. 

We can also provide insights to stakeholders as to what is really gong on 'on the ground' in order to tailor the wider interventions in a more targeted manner to achieve the transformation required to move your business foward.



Our programmes can be supported by 121 programmes of leadership coaching/executive coaching/personal coaching and we recommend that this is combined with the team and group work to ensure the adoption of the change and more lasting transformation of culture and business practice.  We have a large team of partner coaches to choose from so that every individual can work with a coach that suits them. 

Learnings taken from the 121 work also inform the continued development of the leadership and team development programmes themsleves, enabling us to get right to the heart of what is needed to drive your people, culture and business forward.

Whether you know you are looking for:

  • Traditional management training

  • Personality and social styles profiling

  • Risk workshops

  • Conflict management,

  • Exploring the use of power in your business

  • Analysis and changing of behaviours

Or are working to a specific business outcome such as resolving disputes or building strategies or action plans, we can create effective workshops with a coaching approach that pull from a range of different methodologies.

These are provided over varying periods, usually between six to 18 months, depending on requirements and circumstances.  One workshop can create some self-awareness and provide tools to better the team - and we can offer this - but embedding continued engagement and investment in people in to your business culture is the only way to redefine the DNA of your business and create lasting improvement and transformation.