"I’ve been having coaching sessions with Tracy for a few months now and at first I was apprehensive as I’d never done something like this before and I wasn’t sure how it worked or how it would work for me. She immediately made me feel relaxed and helped me to navigate one the toughest times of my life. At no point did I feel there was any judgement or opinion from her on anything I disclosed in our sessions. I didn’t know how to explore and open up myself during these sessions, but with some gentle guidance and support we explored most areas of my life and uncovered things I’d never realised were creating barriers. It took some teasing out of me, but by making me feel like I was in a safe comfortable environment and by always putting me in the driving seat of our sessions, I tackled most of my issues head on and have started 2018 with a positive outlook. I feel more confident to be in control of my own life now and I truly believe the sessions I’ve had with Tracy have had a huge impact in helping me to get to this point." 

Brendan Franks

Tracy is a non-intrusive coach, who is very easy to talk with and open up to. I felt extremely relaxed from the outset.  She has a huge appreciation for the thought process I was going through and allowing me time to reflect on where I was. I really appreciated the time she allowed me to process internally without interruption.  Tracy brought to the sessions some great tools which I can use myself and was able to succinctly explain these in a relevant manner to where I was in my process. She is an extremely approachable coach and someone I would not hesitate to reach out to in the future if needed.  Tracy has a unique ability to connect the dots and delve deeper into a specific area. Several times throughout the process she brought me to a deeper place that was really thought-provoking for me. My thinking on some of the life and work issues we discussed has changed fundamentally following our coaching session. I am extremely appreciative of this.

Tracy is a extremely capable coach with an ability to focus in on where the "real" coaching needs to happen. She allows sufficient time and space for reflection and for the client to truly understand what is happening for them. She has a huge skill in being able to connect the dots during sessions and then reflect that back in a manner that is extremely thought-provoking. Her impact stretches far beyond the confines of the one-hour sessions. Thanks Tracy


Tracy is very supportive yet challenging. She is very present and compassionate yet provocative with her questions. Working with Tracy opens uP a lot of new insights and it always drives you to an action.

Tracy is a challenging, reliable, and compassionate coach who is 100% present for her clients. She's great at asking powerful questions in a totally non-judgemental way so as to initiate that powerful thinking you need to make changes!