my background

Using my background in leadership and change management, as well as my coaching experience and training, I offer an effective ‘whole person’ approach to coaching.
— Tracy James


I worked my way up through IT in the marketing world from project management and into leadership as an Associate Director of a large regional agency.  With strong change management, process consultancy, compliance and trouble shooting experience I have a smorgasbord of business and team development experience in the SME sector, where I specialise.



To compliment my professional background, I have a long history of working with a coaching approach with a counselling certificate and the highly acclaimed Barefoot Coaching qualification under my belt.  I am a member of the ICF and am currently studying towards my Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching with the University of Chester.  I also have 6 years experience in receiving CBT therapy and coaching which, along with my recent qualifications, has been life changing for me.  I want to share the gift of coaching.

I am based in Maidenhead in Berkshire however due to the wonders of modern technology I coach people globally - so location is no issue.

up close and personal

My self-development journey started in my twenties and through a mix of therapy, coaching and self-guided development exercises I have transformed my life during that time.  I have combated stress and anxiety and work hard to nurture my mental well being.  I fuel my body in the best way I can through organic, natural cooking and am working hard to bring more exercise in to my life and am reaping the benefits in how much happier and fulfilling my life is. 

I am a life long vegetarian - but don't worry I don't judge or preach at dinner parties and my husband eats my share of meat to balance the universe!  I am an avid singer, singing in the New Maidenhead Choir, very much enjoy pilates, kayaking and walking and am trying to get better at running.  I am a true crime podcast addict, 'fun auntie' to seven amazing nieces and nephews, buy more books than I could possibly ever read and am an aspiring blogger.  I love Disney films, Chris Martin, Cats, the odd Prosecco and most of all, my lovely husband. 

Tracy James_ACC_ICF Accredited Coach