my business & leadership experience


As a former Associate Director of IT, Application Development and Compliance, I have significant experience in the management and strategic direction of technology teams and their products. I specialise in facilitating effective communications and engagement between technical talent and the rest of the business.

My unique background in programme and project management, architecting, product ownership and implementation also give me a unique insight in to the inner workings of technology teams. As a Team and Leadership Success Coach, I call on this experience and my 121 and team coaching training to help shift teams to the next level by calling out what’s going on ‘under the table’ and helping the team take responsibility for their common objectives. 

My style is directive and intuitive, with a sprinkle of quirkiness and fun.

As a young woman in senior roles in the IT sector I experienced my fair share of adversity and challenge.  I ran large teams of over 80% male to female ratio and in a broad range of technical specialisms including applications, web, IT, operations and compliance.  I know, intimately, the challenges of creating and maintaining an effective team in such a fast paced and relentless environment and in less favourable environments, such as legacy technology and times of major outages and stress.

I use this varied business background to advise my approach to coaching my SME start-up clients and the company context they work within.  Particularly in times of significant change, rapid growth or crisis such as M&A or large scale redundancies, I offer team development programmes and interventions, fast-track coaching for rising stars, executive and leadership coaching and 'remedial' coaching (although I don't believe in the phrase!).

I am based in Maidenhead in Berkshire with coaching partners in Manchester and across London and work globally.