the benefits team & leadership development and coaching

There is no quick fix to building a high performing team. 

My development programmes focus on laying long lasting and sturdy foundations for future growth and retention and has far reaching positive impacts across the business. 

The ROI is sometimes intangible to begin with but rest assured that working to create more effective teams through challenge, communication and critical thinking smashes any 'build a raft' team building day out of the ball park. 

If you are familiar with Bruce Tuckman's model, the 5 stages of team development, you may be surprised to learn that most teams never make it out of the Forming or Storming stage.  The cost of this conflict and inefficiency is hard to quantify but most managers spend 80% of their time dealing with conflict or personnel rather than the business, its customers or products. 

the benefits of team and leadership coaching and development programmes with bright yellow coaching

In the tech industry and particularly in start-ups, this can be devastating to a business and render the technology, and sometimes the business, as 'legacy' and out of date very quickly.  These programmes help teams to become more aware of their own and their colleagues preferences and communication styles and to facilitate better conversations resulting in less conflict.  This frees up valuable leadership time to focus on strategy and innovation.

Un-managed expansion and contraction of teams can also have damaging effects on team dynamics.  I work with the entire system and systems within which the team exists to ensure a healthy and inclusive culture which nurtures it's talent and ensures long retention.

More effective collaboration is a key deliverable of these programmes as we work on facilitating better working practices and self-awareness.  This results in a better quality product through the accessing and activation of all of the talent available in your team - making them greater than the sum of their parts.

Working with the key stakeholders I tailor team coaching programmes to the needs of the team and the business in pursuit of its business goals.  Therefore the benefits you experience will be specific to you.

Through facilitated sessions, observation and analysis sessions, constellation work, process consulting and behavioral work all supported by a parallel 121 programme, I can work with your business to improve the happiness of your staff, productivity and efficiency of your teams and progress towards your business goals.