what coaching has meant for my clients



“I was lucky enough to win three sessions with Tracy James from Bright Yellow Coaching. I found them incredibly useful and Tracy has amazing people skills. She immediately put me at my ease. Working with Tracy has helped me to reflect on my busy working and family life - whereas in the past, I felt as though I couldn't say "no" to any work projects, I now realise that I can and that has been tremendously empowering. As a result of our meetings I have been able to create more space in my life and pave the way for a better work life balance in the future. Most importantly, I have learnt to say "no"....”. Anonymous, Bucks

"Tracy provided me with two coaching sessions recently to establish goals I wanted to reach and to instigate changes in my life. This was not about looking for therapy, more about achieving my future aspirations.
I was in a long term (12 years) full time job that I was very comfortable with but reaching a stage in my life when decisions had to be formulated about my future.
I was quite nervous to be honest as I wasn’t sure what can of worms might be opened, but Tracy gently managed to open me up to start discussing a possible new direction - drawing out my dreams and making them more of a potential reality. Having spent 17 years totally focussed on my family and ensuring the mortgage was paid, it was a relief to be able to open up and think about what I really wanted!
I now feel excited about the future instead of resigned to just ‘paying the bills’. Everything was completely non-judgemental and confidential and I would most definitely recommend Tracy to help you find your direction." Leanne Fisher, Account Director, Marlow


"Tracy's approach ensures she gets to the heart of the matter.  Asking insightful questions and her straight talking observations really moved my thinking on and challenged me in a way that suited my style.  As a result, I achieved my outcomes and Tracy always left me feeling positive as she helped me unblock things that I've been stuck on for a while."  Alison Durkin, AJD Coaching


"Tracy has an impressive background and her experience allows her to empathise with the pressures, politics and obstacles of the modern workplace.  Tracy has a friendly yet challenging approach which pushes you to reflect and explore areas you would have otherwise ignored or avoided. Her sense of humour and bubbly personality help put you at easy almost immediately, enabling a productive coaching session full of takeaways and action points. The experience was thought-provoking and refreshing, and I would highly recommend her services." Gemma Dalmau, Coach


“When I was first recommended life coaching I was incredibly skeptical, it sounds very flowery and I thought if I didn’t like counselling I wouldn’t find it useful. But I took a leap of faith with Tracy and am so pleased I did. Her approach is fantastic and completely tuned to you and what you want from your session. She supports you in finding your own answers and setting your goals, nothing feels forced. 
I would recommend Tracy to anyone, she has guided me through a very difficult period in my life and although there is still a way to go, I would not be where I am without her.” 
Anonymous, High Wycombe


“You created a friendly and comfortable setting for openness and honesty. I was able to talk openly about myself and I always felt in control of what was going on in our session. Our talk was structured but allowed flexibility to explore specific aspects. It was a good mix of asking questions and exploring answers.In the time we had we achieved a realistic amount and I feel that the objective was met. You gave me lots of food for thought and an informal action plan to take away. Overall I was very happy with the session and the outcome, and its now up to me to make something out of the thoughts and ideas we developed together, although I suspect it might take me a while to find the right opportunities.” Anonymous, Berkhamsted


Reflection and sharing experiences, being around others helps to address your own issues and learn.

I loved the reflection.
— Charmaine Fyffe, Khepera CIC
The hot seat provided many challenging questions for me to reflect on later and the samples of food were excellent. The whole experience was wonderful with a lovely energy in the room.
— Michelle Brown, The Rainbow Rooms