why coaching?

The benefits of coaching can be as large or as small as you would like to make them.  Whether you are looking for insights and understanding of a current situation, to get unstuck from a specific issue, or want to develop an action plan to identify and achieve a bigger goal, life coaching can help you short cut the time it takes to get the results you want.  Every client uses their sessions differently and embarks on their own, unique journey.

the core benefits

It is clear that coaching can be applied to all contexts and outcomes can be seen in a wide range of areas.  For me the answer to ‘Why coaching?’ distills down to the following key benefits:

  • Greater self-awareness and understanding of our values, needs, behaviours and preferences

  • Understanding of our context, the systems we exist in and our relationship with them

  • Identification, rationalisation, stress testing and detailing out of our goals and direction

  • Action planning and the tools required to implement them and make shifts outside of and beyond the coaching relationship

  • Accountability, motivation and encouragement along with good quality feedback

What brought you here today?

Everyone can benefit from coaching - I truly believe this and indeed have witnessed it first-hand both as a coach, a coachee and an observer.  However chemistry and fit with coach you choose is incredibly important.  This is one of the things to be established in an initial meeting with a prospective coach and why I offer the first 30 minutes free to my personal clients.

  • Have you got ambitions you want to achieve?

  • Do you want to change your career?

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled or stuck in a rut?

  • Do you want more from your life?

  • Do you spend your time prioritising everyone else rather than what you want and need?

  • Have previous attempts to make changes been unsuccessful?

  • Are you feeling stressed, anxious or lacking in confidence?

  • Are you looking for the motivation and energy to make a change?

  • Is the work/life balance not quite right?

  • Do you feel like something is not right but you’re not sure how to fix it?

  • Are you an external thinker that works better with a thinking partner?

  • Do you have a series of small issues or challenges you would like work on rather than a big goal?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, coaching with me could be your opportunity to get what you want.

the stats

What you turn up to coaching with does not always have to limit what you work on or get out of it.  The same group reported the following outcomes at the end of their coaching:

  • 67.6% higher level of self-awareness

  • 62.4% smarter goal-setting

  • 60.5% more balanced life

  • 57.1% lower stress levels

  • 52.9% self-discovery

  • 52.4% more self-confidence

  • 43.3% improvement in quality of life

  • 39.5% enhanced communication skills

  • 35.7% project completion

  • 33.8% health or fitness improvement

  • 33.3% better relationship with staff

  • 33.3% better family relationships

  • 31.9% increased energy

  • 31.9% more fun

  • 25.7% more income

  • 25.7% stopped a bad habit

  • 24.3% change in career

  • 22.9% more free time

Its hard to quantify the many intangible benefits of coaching but in a recent ICF survey, coaching clients reported the following areas that they went to coaching to address:

  • 84.5% time management

  • 74.3% career guidance

  • 73.8% business advice

  • 58.6% relationship / family issues

  • 51.9% physical / wellness issues

  • 45.2% personal issues

  • 39.5% goal-setting

  • 38.1% financial guidance

  • 11% creativity

Source survey was conducted by Amy Watson, Principal, PROfusion Public Relations, with survey design assistance by Jackie Rieves Watson, Ph.D., professor of Management and Statistics, Amber University.

If you feel you are ready for coaching and would like to explore further, I would love to hear from you.  Don’t forget an initial chat with me will cost nothing and there is so much to gain.
— Tracy James